Codepen Projects

Here you can find old Codepen projects I did whilst practicing frontend skills.

Most of these should be working last I checked but don't be alarmed if one or two seem to be broken.

The majority are done in Angular using Angular Material. This is because that was the popular framework at the time and I was using it for work 😄

And here they are.

My Thankful List

A fully functional (with backend) app for adding, sharing, and liking reasons to be thankful. This was primarily done to learn writing backend CRUD with golang. It was fun as I have realtime feeds! Hint, click on the icon to see it wiggle a little dance! 😂


Angular drag and drop survey builder

An example of a survey builder showcasing how drag and drop functionality can be used.


Vue Social Share Component

I wanted to learn vuejs so I created a social share component.


Daily Activity Tracker

After watching a video about time mangement that used colored blocks to represent 1 hour time units dedicated to specific activities I decided to make a similar app. Here it is.


Angular Spell Cards

Creating dnd spell cards with and without a virtualized list.

Angular Character Sheet Creator

A simple little character sheet creator playing around with different view modes and local offline storage.


User Management

An example view of how one could manage user access and roles.


Slide deck

A nice mobile ready interactive slide deck explaining why having functional fast tech is important. Really only mobile part is that you can swipe up or down to move slides 😄