offerup is the tinder of marketplaces

OfferUp is like a terrible version of Tinder but for selling on a marketplace. Boosts, promotions, and other "gameification" make it trashier than the perception most have of the venerable Craigslist.

- 5 months ago

is there light at the end of a tunnel

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I say yes...or at least sometimes depending on how you look at it.

- 2 years ago

how to use web workers with typescript

A practical example of where web workers can improve performance and UX but there are gotchas and limits

- 2 years ago

never give up never surrender

Why do fun project ideas end up dead even when they are feature complete? The fear of unknown timed tasks is why I'll tell you what.

- 2 years ago

i am a bad uncle

I have a hard enough time remembering to take the trash out let alone the birthdays of my massive family. Does this make me a bad uncle?

- 3 years ago

journey before destination

It is hard to be focused and motivated when ones eyes are not on the task at hand but rather the accolades in the future.

- 3 years ago

thinking around a pen

Codepen is a delightful app that I used over the years to practice my frontend skill. One thing that has annoyed me was that over time they have limited features more and more behind a pay wall for a pro account...

- 3 years ago

love is work and so is css

I love css. And well, to love something, it is not always rainbows :rainbow: and sunshine :sunny:

- 3 years ago

A lazy dark mode

A fast simple way of drop in dark mode support using nextjs and react.

- 3 years ago

all the ways to css

I recently finished a little project that was a css birthday card of sorts for a friend. It was bunches of fun doing but recently I looked back on the code and work and had to come to terms with code was bad...really bad.

- 3 years ago

a perfect blog editor

What is the perfect blog editor? Nextjs with mdx is one way of doing it...kinda.

- 3 years ago